Your Memory vs. Cannabis: Who Is Going to Win?

Your Memory vs. Cannabis: Who Is Going to Win?

The complicated relationship between marijuana and different types of our memory has been brought into scientific focus quite recently. The reason for this attention is very simple. This natural green gift is being integrated into the modern medicine rapidly, that is why doctors want to know about all of its side effects.

Fortunately, many interesting scientific studies and experiments shed light on this topic for experts and common consumers. Now we know that different parts of our mysterious memory are affected by marijuana in different ways.   

Cannabis vs. Long-term memory

How this memory works: you learned what blunt is five years ago, and you still remember this information.

Ardent opponents of marijuana legalization use the long-term effect of weed on our brain as the most convincing argument in all discussions. But in reality, experts do not have any certain information about such impact. On the contrary, a group of enthusiastic scientists from Ohio have proved that pot can actually enhance our memory.

The group of experts performed some experiments with THC-like molecules (similar to psychoactive participles in weed). They found that these molecules can cause production of more brain cells that are responsible for forming new memories and preserving old ones. Moreover, they can even prevent the development of Alzheimer’s syndrome! So, opponents of changing the status of cannabis should broaden their mind and look into such amazing studies.

Cannabis vs. Short-term memory

How this memory works: your friend told you how to roll a good spliff yesterday, but today you do not remember anything, as the art of rolling is too complicated.

After smoking sessions, cannabis can play tricks with our short-term memory, as some strains of weed slow down our brain. Experienced smokers admit that this is a very widespread side-effect of pot. But, it cannot be compared to the impact of alcohol on short-term memory, for instance. Even after very high nights, we do not experience complete amnesia like during the hard hangover.

Mr. Pot vs. Our Negative Memories

Of course, this is not a certain type of memory. It is better to say that bad flashbacks are the indispensable chapters of the book of our long-term memory. But there have recently been some exciting discoveries in this field that really deserve attention.

Our body contains a special type of THC—anandamide. It is responsible for forgetting everything that can make us very upset: tragic events, painful failures, and other unpleasant things. People with post-traumatic syndrome suffer from lack of anandamide. That is why they are liable to realistic nightmares and panic attacks. To overcome that and to enhance the production of anandamide again, doctors prescribe marijuana edibles to patients.

Obviously, sensible consuming of cannabis can even boost the abilities of our memory. Maybe in your old age, the brain will even say “thank you” for smoking a couple of joints per week.

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