Xanax And Weed

Xanax And Weed

Most people take Xanax for a simple fun. There is an opinion that consuming Xanax along with alcohol may “take the edge off”, but it is definitely an understatement. This combination, just as a mix of weed and LSD, makes you doing things you are going to regret with zero regards for both your actions and safety. Xanax is in the third place among the most popular drugs college students use nowadays, following alcohol and marijuana. And it is no wonder. There are many reasons for people to use Xanax: some people cannot deal with their anxiety, while the others want to run away from their daily problems, And there are people who take Xanax just to increase the influence of alcohol on their mind and body.

You can surely use marijuana for the same reasons, but sometimes, it is  easier to take Xanax instead. Moreover, there is a recent study that shows that the number of prescription drug overdoses quadrupled between 1996 and 2013. Regardless of the reason, we see that the number of people who take Xanax, college students included, is extremely high and we have to do something to regulate the situation. And it looks like moderation is the key to solving this problem.

How to moderate the drug use?

Of course, no one can make you stop using Xanax and start looking for a healthier way to manage anxiety against your will. But it is possible to become a smarter user and to moderate the amount of drugs you consume, so you will not cause yourself further problems.

Generally, you better not take any Xanax unless it was prescribed by your doctor. If you do not want to turn a fun evening into a total mess, you better not to mix your medications with alcohol and/or with weed either, because the mixes of that kind may be really dangerous for you health and even life. And, of course, you should forget about that insane idea of using Adderall afterward, because it may cause you a heart attack instead of just keeping you up all night.

If you are still going to use any anxiety drugs, make sure to consult a doctor first.

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