Would Second Hand Smoke Cause You to Fail Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Would Second Hand Smoke Cause You to Fail Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Hair drug test gains more and more popularity among employers and usual people, as it can find out whether a person consumed drugs within 90 days before the test. A urine test can only determine drug use in the recent past (one week or so); that is why most employers prefer to administer hair tests. Hair drug test is widely considered to be an effective method of determining chronic drug use and finding out the long-term drug history.

How does it work?

You may think from the test name that doctors pluck a hair, take its root (the follicle), and test it, but it does not really work like that. The doctors need just the first inch and a half of growth from the base of your hair to perform the test. Usually, doctors take approximately 120 strands of hair to find out if the person used any drugs during the last 5-90 days.

Why there would be drugs in our hair?

When a person consumes a drug, such as marijuana or LSD, it even does not matter which drug exactly, the scenario is always the same. First, the drug gets into the bloodstream. Then, due to metabolism, drug starts to circulate all over the body. As the hair follicles are fed with the blood, any consumed drug will get into follicles and stay there for a certain period of time, thus becoming evidence of drug use.

Can you get high from second hand smoke?

The answer is “Yes”. Those who are exposed to second hand cannabis smoke may feel the same effects the smokers feel. It can be either inability to think clearly or feel a bit of the “high.” The studies performed in the 1980s have shown that second hand pot smoking can lead to a positive result on a drug test.

How to cheat the hair drug follicle test?

One way to cheat the test would be shaving you entire head and body hair. However, this might seem like an overkill and would certainly look very suspicious, especially if you do it right before the test.

Another popular way of cheating the hair follicle test is using detox shampoos. While these products are popular among marijuana users,  most reviews seem to indicate that these shampoos are quite useless and will not help you to pass the test.

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