Women Are Conquering Marijuana Industry

Women Are Conquering Marijuana Industry

Nowadays, the issue of cannabis legalization is not the only burning problem. People are also discussing the ways in which marijuana industry ought to develop. With the legalization of marijuana we have a unique chance to build a brand-new modern industry more or less from scratch, according to the 21 century views and norms.

For example, here is one interesting issue people rarely consider when thinking about growing and processing weed. Cannabis industry is getting rid of gender stereotypes. Women occupy more than 36% of all executive-level positions in this industry. This percentage is much higher than in most other fields, like, say commercial banking or politics.

For a very long time women have been treated as silent sex objects in cannabis industry. They have been considered as beautiful girlfriends of famous drug dealers. Short skirt, charming smile, bright make-up and low IQ level—this is how women of marijuana industry looked like about 15 years ago. And today the role of woman in this specific business has cardinally changed.

Just imagine: more than 63% of executive positions in testing labs are held by women. It means that they are contributing much to the research of medical cannabis benefits. Female scientists that deal with cannabis studying are doing their best to simplify the lives of the patients with chronic pain.

It’s also interesting to know that women play a significant role in cannabis activism development. They are trying to broaden the mind of society, to demonstrate that marijuana is not just a drug or pop-culture attribute, but also a remedy.

Nearly 50% of high positions at infused products and processing companies are also held by female specialists. Moreover, only in marijuana industry women hold about 48% of important decision-making positions such as presidents or founders of associations, executive officers etc.

There is so much room for this figures to get higher and higher. There are many gifted female professionals in cannabis industry with whom male specialists cannot even compete. Women in this field are valued exceptionally for their brains, creativity and enthusiasm, and definitely not for their attractive appearance.

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