Will Marijuana Legalization Cause Spread of Marijuana Jobs?

Will Marijuana Legalization Cause Spread of Marijuana Jobs?

The more states allow usage of medical marijuana, the more calls the poison control centers get. This study was published in the American Journal in 2009. Johnathan M. Davis, Ph.D., from the University of Denver, conducted the research that showed a 57% increase in marijuana-coded hospital discharges over seven years, and a 56% increase in calls to poison control centers (PCC) after marijuana legalization in Colorado in 2009. Besides, people with health problems that smoke marijuana no longer have to worry about getting in trouble with the state police. It is definitely one of the advantages of legalizing medical marijuana, that is why other states have to follow the example of Colorado.

Change in perception

The analysis of Colorado records shows us that the number of calls of citizens to PCC has increased by 0.8% per month. The number of applications for medical marijuana has significantly increased—over 10000 since December 2009. The rate of marijuana arrests decreased by 26% after 2009.

Moving towards national legalization of marijuana

In Massachusetts, the usage of marijuana as a treatment was legalized in 2013, and the question about recreational usage of cannabis will be revised in 2016. By March 2016, marijuana has become legalized in 23 states. The weirdest thing is that every state has its own marijuana policy, for example, possession limits vary from 1 to 24 ounces.

Full marijuana legalization impact is still unknown

The studies of Colorado researchers focused only on hospital discharges and poison call centers, so they do not have the general and full information about marijuana legalization effects. For capturing all spheres of drug usage, the researchers need a special registry that afterward will become evidence. Still, the rates of medical and recreational use of cannabis are expected to grow. Can it mean that in the near future marijuana jobs will receive significant popularity? Just imagine the profitability of such an occupation. In spite of all advantages, we have to find out if there are any downsides that can cancel out all the pros.

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