Why you should go to dispensaries

Why you should go to dispensaries

For many people the word dealer causes a different association. When we were kids we were told never to contact the dealer. Now we know and not so afraid of that word. We contacted that person in order to buy what we needed which was difficult to get somewhere else. Nevertheless, the world is changing every day and, along with the legalization of marijuana, there are a lot of dispensaries where you can go without a fear of losing your money or purchasing poor quality marijuana. Don’t be sad because of breaking up with your dealer for the benefit of dispensary.

The first reason is the wide variety. In most cases, dealers are selling nothing but…weed, without specific name, without the type of strain. While in the dispensaries there are not only a wide range of cannabis but appropriate properties that meet the interests and needs of the consumer.

The second reason is safety. Black market does not regulate the quality of their product. Dealers usually do not know what they are selling, where the product was grown and under what conditions. Buying from a dealer – be careful. While in the dispensaries you can find any information on cannabis, where it was made, in what region, and you can be sure that it was produced by experts rather than amateurs.

You don’t feel yourself a criminal, making the purchase of marijuana, especially if you are a beginner who wants to try your first joint. In such cases you don’t trust the dealer, and he doesn’t trust you. While dispensaries make you feel an ordinary usual buyer who came just to buy some cannabis.

Quick service, this is another reason why you should attend cannabis dispensaries. There are not looking for friendship, their main purpose is to serve you fast, at the same time providing the best service. And speaking about dealer, you can spend half a day in his house smoking cannabis that you bought, which is not always a part of your plan.

Safety for children, this is perhaps the main reason. Dispensaries will always ask their customers to show valid identification or other documents, while the dealers does not care the buyer’s age, all that interests them is money.

Due to the marijuana legalization in the US in other states of the country, the demand for dispensaries will increase significantly, that will lead to growing number of competitors. Fighting for the competition on the market, dispensaries will reduce the price of their production and offer various promotions. Dealers don’t have such products to make you spend bigger sum than you planned.

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