Why Weed Is Useful for Your Grandma

Why Weed Is Useful for Your Grandma

In the 1960s, marijuana came to daily life from summer rock festivals. Careless hippies used to bring that magic plant home after their amazing holidays and enjoy smoking sessions. No doubt, your grandparents remember that magnificent time of Woodstock. Moreover, they probably used the benefits of weed revolution in practice by trying joints or blunts. Now they can tell you about all the dangerous shortcomings of pot, but they did not think about them 50 years ago.

Scientists have proved that your grandma or grandpa can easily experience a second wave of cannabis use. But before doing any experiments, they should learn all pros and cons of weed for the elderly.

Cannabis as a cure-all tool

Recently, the idea of medical marijuana legalization has been brought into focus quite often. It is all because of a big number of successful scientific studies that have discovered amazing healing features of cannabis.

First of all, sensible consuming of weed can help prevent the nightmare of your grandparents—Alzheimer’s disease! THC and CBD (active chemical substances in pot) stimulate the production of new brain cells that are responsible for keeping old memories in order and do not allow them to be mixed up or even forgotten.

If your granddad suffers from terrible rheumatoid arthritis pains, medications based on cannabis can cope with them efficiently. After five weeks of such green therapy, patients forget about sleepless nights because of chronic pains.

Be careful after 50 years

This age is a critical point for medical marijuana consumers for a very simple reason. According to statistics, people that are older than 50 usually take other medications that can be incompatible with cannabis. For instance, the combination of blood thinner Coumadin and pot can result in excessive bleeding. Moreover, consuming epilepsy pills before or after consuming cannabis can lead to risky attacks. So, analyze the list of your medications with your doctor and make conclusions.

Mary Jane is stronger now

Indeed, modern cannabis hits much harder than the hippie version of the 1970s. Numerous experiments with strains and mixtures have resulted in the introduction of such powerful strains as Chief Kief or Kush. They can make youngsters stoned for hours, but it is difficult to predict your grandma’s reaction, for instance. That is why it will be a great idea to begin their smoking experience with such light strains as Blue Ivy.

So, if your grandparents want to recall their young years, they should not be afraid of experiments. We know that their imagination and adventure spirit did not get older. But without consulting with their doctor it can be very risky.

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