Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Have you experienced hunger after smoking weed? Do you know what science says about that? Well, have no doubt that the munchies are real. Although no one could surely define the brain reaction that is responsible for it, by 2015 cannabis has become accepted as an effective treatment for patients who suffered from eating disorders in more than twenty American states. Finally, science approved the benefits of munchies last year after a study from Yale University found the ability of marijuana to trick the human brain by increasing the production of appetite stimulants. It works even if you are full of food.

How marijuana makes you buy that big bag of nachos

In fact, that process goes in the following sequence:

– When you smoke marijuana, the receptors that are responsible for your mood, appetite, and memory become activated.

– Then, the receptor of appetite, known as CB1, tells the proopiomelanocortin neurons that are responsible for the production of hunger-suppressing hormones to do an absolutely opposite thing.

The researchers also believe that marijuana has an effect on our dopamine levels.

What is dopamine and how is it affected by weed?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released in our brain in order to execute such important functions as movement, attention, reward patterns, sleep, behavior, appetite, and many others. When you eat, the reward system in your brain activates, and the level of dopamine rises. Weed has the ability to increase the amount of dopamine released while you eat, which means you get even more pleasure from your food.

The case with appetite is of the greatest interest to scientists as many cancer patients have increased their appetite with the help of marijuana. But further research in this direction is still needed.

So, next time you decide to smoke some Maui Wowie, make sure you put enough Cheetos or Pringles beside your couch to snack on after a joint or bowl. Enjoy the amazing taste of food with your favorite marijuana strain!

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