Why Did Colombia Legalize Medical Marijuana?

Why Did Colombia Legalize Medical Marijuana?

For many years, Colombia has been considered the center of illegal drug trafficking. The United States, in its turn, along with the help of other countries, has supported the Colombian government’s efforts to stamp out this situation. However, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has recently enacted a law legalizing the growing and sale of cannabis.

Despite the heavy criticism, the president asserted that the government did not step back in its struggle, but invested efforts into making Colombia one of the leading countries to fight against diseases. Thus, he adopted the decree to improve the lives of his citizens who can now take advantage of the cannabis benefits.

During his public speech, the president explained that the legalization of medical marijuana usage did not contradict with the country’s international commitments regarding illegal drugs control as well as the government policy against marijuana trafficking. Colombia has released from penalty the growing, use, sale, and export of weed for scientific and medical purposes, but there have been no regulations established by the government yet.

According to the new law, now everyone is obliged to obtain a license for pot seeds possession and establishment of marijuana farms. This regulation is only applicable to those who want to grow and sell plants for medical purposes. In such a way, the government wants to provide patients with access to marijuana that is produced locally and has a high quality. Besides, the law makes weed available for conducting scientific research in the country.


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