Why Did Bob Marley Die So Early?

Why Did Bob Marley Die So Early?

Everyone remembers the year of 1981 when Bob Marley left our world. According to the official sources, it was malignant melanoma, which took his life away. In other words, Bob Marley died from an extremely dangerous type of cancer.

How Bob Marley’s melanoma was discovered?

The reggae legend noticed that something is wrong with him in 1977, after injuring his foot while playing soccer with his friends. At first, it seemed like a small wound, but instead of eventually getting better on its own, it just git worse. At this point, Bob Marley decided to visit a doctor. The star was diagnosed with melanoma—a dangerous type of cancer that develops from the pigment-containing cells, mostly in skin. Doctors recommended amputating the toe, but Bob Marley refused.

Why did not Bob Marley amputate the toe?

Bob Marley was a devout Rastafarian and believed that amputation is a sin. According to the Rastafarian reading of Leviticus 21:5, the human body should be treated as a temple, and that means that any amputations are strictly prohibited. This interpretation of  Leviticus 21:5, by the way, is also the reason Rastafarian have dreadlocks. But it is not all. Rastafarianism has another principle which may be more difficult to understand; it also influenced Bob Marley’s decision. The general idea is that death is not inevitable and that some holy people will find the immortality in their physical bodies. It seems like Bob Marley believed in this with all his heart and that is the reason he did not write a will. (The absence of a will, by the way, led to a lot of legal difficulties after Bob Marley’s death.)

The public never saw Bob Marley’s medical records, though there is a rumor that he eventually allowed doctors to do a skin graft instead of the amputation. Unfortunately, it seems that the procedure was done too late and was not effective. By the middle of 1980, cancer had spread throughout the star’s body.

When did Bob Marley die

After a visit to a holistic physician in Germany, Bob Marley finally realized that his cancer was critical. Wishing to go home, Bob Marley bought a ticket to Jamaica. But Bob Marley’s deteriorating health prevented him from getting home. The plane had to land in Miami since Marley was unable to continue the flight. Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981. A spacious mausoleum near his childhood home in the village of Nine Miles now serves as Bob Marley’s grave.


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