Why Am I Coughing So Much?

Why Am I Coughing So Much?

This question is probably the most common among marijuana smokers. Almost every person who has ever experienced consuming weed from a bong or rolled joint has faced the problem of unstoppable coughing. After every hit, you feel an uncontrollable irritating tickle in the back of the throat, while having a mouthful of weed smoke. Your actions? You let out a gasp of air, release all that cannabis smoke, and the coughing takes place. Why does marijuana make you cough? In this article, we will take a look at three main reasons of coughing during smoking. Keep reading.

1. Heat

No matter which method of consuming marijuana you use, whether it is dabbing or just smoking a bowl, bong or a pipe, excessive heat can cause some degree of tickle in your throat. When you light up your cannabis, the temperature may immediately exceed 1,000 degrees. The water in your bowl cools down the vapor as it gets in your throat, though the lungs are still in danger. The reason is that your lungs and throat are covered with sensitive tissues that become irritated as soon as the smoke is inhaled. Nevertheless, marijuana enthusiasts have developed ways to control the urge to cough each time you inhale weed smoke. Solution: simply add ice cubes into your bong; it will significantly reduce the temperature of the vapor and provide you with a smoking experience with a minimal discomfort. Low-temp dabs also work perfectly.

2. Smoke

Cannabis smoke contains the same irritants as tobacco does. The smoke may increase the cough-inducing inflammation. The reason for that is the particles of ash that dust the throat and eventually the lungs. The body immediately tries to defend itself and starts to produce excess mucus. Exactly this mucus triggers the coughing fits, which is a normal attempt of your body to get rid of harmful irritants. Solution: use a vaporizer.

3. Weed quality

Poor quality marijuana buds may contain dust, mildew, and residual pesticides that may cause the coughing attack. Solution: purchase weed only from the sellers with a high reputation. Buying marijuana from unknown sources could cause negative side effects.

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