White Rhino Strain

White Rhino Strain

White Rhino marijuana is a high-yielding plant that produces a really, really potent body high. While growing outdoors, White Rhino is able to generate as much as 1,200 grams per plant, and that is fantastic, is it not? Of course, to achieve such results, you need to create the perfect climate and growing conditions, but it is worth it. The strain also tends to have a high level of THC in its content. Some tests show that its level in the strain exceeds 26%.

Genetics of White Rhino strain

White Rhino is a pure, strong indica strain, the crossing of White Widow and an unknown strain. The first company that bred it was Green House Seeds. Marijuana enthusiasts love the strain so much due to the truly perfect quality of its buds. White Rhino produces a narcotic-like high feeling with an unforgettable euphoria. If you want to try this strain, then expect a slight surge of mental rush together with intense body sensations.

Look and smell

Just like the White Widow strain, White Rhino has a typical for indicas short stature with thick branches. The leaves of the plants are huge, the stalks are really thick. The color is midnight green. The smell of White Rhino may remind you of any Kush-like strain, with its fresh earthy undertones and berry hints. The overall smell of the strain is absolutely delicious!

Smoke of White Rhino

The sweet and dense smoke of White Rhino will expand in your lungs and make every hit much bigger and more pleasant than you might first expect. Right from the first hit, this potent strain will put you in a daze and take all the pain away, leaving you couch-locked and relaxed. Take into account that White Rhino is a creeper strain, so give it some time to make you feel the effects. The high from the strain lasts for a couple of hours and usually gradually decreases with no heavy comedown. Be careful and avoid overdosing while waiting for your deep foggy sleep.


The best time for recreational marijuana consumers to smoke White Rhino is definitely the night time. Those who find White Rhino full of health benefits can manage anxiety, nausea, stress, insomnia, PMS, and other medical conditions with its help.

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