Which Weed Myths Are Indeed Myths?

Which Weed Myths Are Indeed Myths?

With every passing day, ever more people are talking about the legalization of weed. Being one of the top medical issues these days, marijuana has gained many new supporters and opponents. We all live surrounded by various media and communication technologies, so people are used to the abundance of information that circulates our news. As we know, not all information can be fully trusted, we always should leave room for doubt. Yet, cannabis has been prohibited for such a long time that we have gotten used to a lot of negative stereotypes. Usually, the dangers of pot smoking get much more media attention, not least because media people seem to like to scare their audience. The opponents of the legal use of marijuana create many bogus scares to misinform people not only about getting high but about medical marijuana as well. We will try to “mythbust” all the lies about this plant.


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