Which Way of Smoking Is Better?

Which Way of Smoking Is Better?

Everyone has their personal preferences about how to smoke, but which way is really better? Is there any difference between blunts and joints? In this article, we will persuade you that the form of smoking does matter. Besides, we will tell you which ways are the best and the worst, relying on our own experience. The way you smoke weed has a terrific effect on your health.

Joints are the second choice after pipes for smoking your herb. This way is rather tricky as the rolling paper of some brands has nasty chemicals inside. Even with the toxin-free organic paper of certain brands, it is still hard to breathe because coughing your lungs out after every hit ruins the smoke session. Also, if you have rolled a joint in a wrong way, you can swallow the weed. Let us just say, it is not the most pleasant feeling. Besides, you will not be able to smoke weed if it is in your stomach. Anyway, it is the best way of smoking weed in a group as it seems more sanitary than everyone leaving their saliva on the pipe, plus your bong will be safe from being broken into small pieces by some guy with a misty mind.

When comparing a joint and a blunt, we find it obvious that the last one is the worst way to smoke. The rolling paper for a blunt is nothing but a tobacco leaf. If you are a cigarette smoker and do not care about your health, then it is OK. But if you are tobacco-free and do not want to inhale death, stay away from blunts. Remember, blunts are loaded with nicotine, so this is a potential trap for everyone who does not have this deadly habit yet. Stay away from them for the sake of your health.

The best way to smoke are definitely pipes and bongs. It is the only option that takes your health into consideration. These devices bring you a cooler hit, which means that your lungs are safe. Moreover, you will not feel as wheezy as after a smoke session. That is a great feature of bongs and pipes in contrast with joints and blunts that make you feel voiceless with something stuck in your throat.

The choice is yours, but remember that you have only one life to live.

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