Which States Are Going To Legalize Weed in 2016?

Which States Are Going To Legalize Weed in 2016?

This year can bring us a lot of significant changes. And not only because voters are going to the polls just in six months to decide who is worth to become the next President of the USA. In a number of states, there will also be local polls where the voters will decide whether or not to change the legal status of marijuana in their state. Since 1996, when California approved Prop 215, medical marijuana became a legal alternative to standard treatment for patients with certain conditions. With the recent legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, we have now more than two dozen  states where doctors are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. Although each state has its list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis, most of these lists include severe conditions like glaucoma, epilepsy, and cancer. Additionally, four states that legalized recreational weed since 2012, have proved that marijuana legalization may be beneficial for their community. Colorado is the brilliant example of how marijuana legalization affects the national economy. Last year, Colorado marijuana sales (both medical and recreational) nearly topped $1 billion. The state also collected more than $135 million in cannabis taxes and fees. This money can be given to schools, different drug abuse programs, etc.

But for marijuana supporters and investors, 2016 still can be a very good year because of the possibility of legalizing weed in several states. And the more states legalize medical marijuana, the more seriously Capitol Hill’s lawmakers will have to think about rescheduling cannabis. So, what are the three states that will surely support marijuana legalization this November?


In November 2015, Nevada announced that a legal recreational weed initiative would be on the local ballot in 2016 ballot. According to the Question 2 initiative, people over 21 years of age will be allowed to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana. The tax revenue from the sales of recreational weed will be used to boost the local K-12 education budget.


After the failure of the medical marijuana legalization campaign in November 2014, Florida will try to get a 60% “yes” vote once more. A poll released in March 2016 shows that more than 65% of respondents support the legalization of medical marijuana.


Maine recently announced that it had gathered enough signatures to get a recreational cannabis initiative on the ballot this November. Maine aims to legalize recreational marijuana for adults age 21 and over. The state would also impose an excise tax of 10% on recreational weed sales. But, in contrast to other states with legal recreational weed, Maine would allow recreational weed users to possess up to 2.5 ounces of weed.

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