When Will Weed Be Legal in Texas?

When Will Weed Be Legal in Texas?

State Senator Donna Campbell is the first person associated with marijuana legalization in Texas. Moreover, she is a physician, whose views on marijuana’s usefulness as a medicine might matter. And that is the real problem: her opinion is steadfast. Let us take her recent response to veterans with PTSD, for instance. First of all, she said that weed was already legalized in Texas, which was confusing because it was untrue; secondly, she expressed a firm opinion that weed was nothing but another bizarre remedy that people claimed would work but in fact never really did.

Campbell does not trust the existing evidence of marijuana’s health benefits. One of them is the story of a 10-year-old Alexis Bortell, who had suffered from frequent seizures (up to 20 per day) until she was prescribed medical marijuana that saved her and gave her the opportunity to live a normal life. Jason Miller, with the head of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, claims that the legalization of recreational weed is possible only after medical weed goes through. But for now, there is a small chance that Texas will make it to the list of states in the U.S. where weed is legal.

Last year, marijuana legalization activists rejoiced after a Texas House committee passed a bill that legalized and deregulated weed. The best part of it was that a Republican representative, David Simpson, claimed that a plant put on the Earth by God could not be illegal. Unfortunately, the bill died before it became something worthwhile. However, it was a sign for a number of advocates who had a chance to change the situation. Miller said that it was the biggest step Texas had ever taken, and now the veterans were the ones that had the strongest argument. The PTSD patients are planning to descend on the Austin Capitol building to voice their support for marijuana legalization. They have even given a specific name to their movement—“Operation Trapped.”

The main problem are people who have a radically wrong stereotype that weed is evil. What they do not understand is that the THC used by epileptic patients does not even have side effects. But as a result, conservative lawmakers refuse to support marijuana, probably because of ignorance or simple fear.

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