What You Should Know About Synthetic Marijuana

What You Should Know About Synthetic Marijuana

You should not be fooled by the word “marijuana” in the name “synthetic marijuana”—it has little in common with the real natural pot. It may have the similar “high” effect, but the way it works is totally different. While there are many discussions about the benefit that medical marijuana can bring to human health, synthetic pot is deadly toxic. Even one of the chemists who originally designed this stuff—John W. Huffman, Ph.D.—once said that the people who try synthetic marijuana recreationally must be “idiots.”

Synthetic marijuana is also known by dozens of street names: K 2, Skunk, fake weed, Spice, Blaze, Black Mamba, Moon Rocks, Yucatan Fire. Some are named after Huffman and use his initials in their titles—JWH 018,  073, and other numerical suffixes.

Maybe it is because of the recent “marijuana legalization boom” or due to some other reasons, but the number of synthetic pot users has been rising during the last five years, and so have the horrible consequences that an overdose brings. In New Hampshire, where there is still no explicit ban on synthetic weed, the situation is very serious. The Governor Maggie Hassan even declared a public health emergency because of this drug.


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