What You Should Know About Marijuana And Pregnancy

What You Should Know About Marijuana And Pregnancy

A new scientific research discourages pregnant women from using marijuana. Babies that had been exposed to marijuana influence were born smaller than those who had not. Besides, such babies need more care after birth than normal babies. Moreover, the study published in the BMJ Open journal claims that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of having iron-deficiency anemia. To care about yourself is the only way to make sure that your baby comes into this world healthy.

A team from the Phoenix Health Department reviewed the results of 24 studies all around the world that are connected to marijuana’s influence on pregnant women and babies in the womb. The research took into account the weight of unborn babies, their length, size, and the time of being in the womb. It was found that smoking mothers had a 36% higher tendency towards anemia but did not have problems with prenatal care, bleeding, and weight gain. They also did not need longer hospital stays. However, as the marijuana use is usually accompanied by alcohol and tobacco use, and the effects of these factors cannot be separated, the research cannot be considered final and reliable.

As the government of the USA is changing its attitude toward cannabis, the health benefits of marijuana are in the first place among the studies of scientists. A professor at Carleton University in Ottawa says that a pregnant mother has to consider the consequences of her actions. Poor nutrition, depression, no prenatal care can double the negative effect of marijuana both on the mother and the unborn baby. A pregnant woman and the rest of the family should think through all the possible positive effects of smoking marijuana and determine whether they will prevail over the negative issues for the newborn. For each pregnant woman, the discussion with her doctor about using drugs is not less important. All the possible risks of either marijuana or medications and substances should be taken into account, as the baby’s health is the most important thing.

If you are pregnant and do not want to complicate your life and worry about the possible effect of marijuana on your baby, then take vitamins, do not use tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, and lead an overall healthy lifestyle.

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