What You Should Know About Harvesting Weed

What You Should Know About Harvesting Weed

Any grower knows that the most exciting and complicated part of growing marijuana is harvesting. You may learn how to grow good weed, but if you do not have a clue how to gather the crop, you cannot call yourself a grower. To be honest, if you make a mistake when testing your seeds for readiness to be consumed, all your efforts and the money you have spent will be a waste. You probably know that cannabis, just like its grower, never follows rules, so you need to use all your experience, attract your friends-professionals to make sure that your harvest is awesome. But do not rush. We have prepared a list answers to the most frequently asked questions about growing cannabis, so have a look.

#1. What time is best for harvesting weed?

To harvest your weed, any week between the 6th and the 12th after the plant first flowered is appropriate. Though it sounds unclear and a bit vague, it is the right way. But there are some visual indicators of the plant’s readiness that we are going to share with you. First of all, take a look at the white hairs of the buds. When the plant is ready for harvesting, they should turn red or brown. But be attentive and make sure you can tell a male marijuana plant from a female one. Male plants are tall and have approximately five sepals of green or yellow tones, while female plants are shorter and have small pistillate flowers that look more like balls of hair than flowers.

#2. Early or late harvesting—which is correct?

If you cannot wait anymore and want to harvest as early as possible, you will end up with cannabis with an extremely high level of THC in its content, which means a stronger and longer high. When you harvest cannabis in the late stages, at the time when THC starts to turn into CBD, you will get a plant with a body buzz effect that THC cannot provide. The head high will be not as good as from THC, as you may sometimes feel a bit stupid and out of place. The choice depends on the plant you want to get, but as always, it would be ideal to find the golden mean.

#3. What happens if I miss the right time for harvesting?

It is probably the worst thing that can happen to you, ever! Smoking “overdue” marijuana means bad taste and troubles with igniting.

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