What You Should Know About BHO Extraction

What You Should Know About BHO Extraction

BHO, or butane hash oil, is an extract from cannabis or hemp made with hydrocarbon solvents like butane, propane, or the combination of both. The solvents extract the essential elements from the plant, such as THC, CBD, different vitamins, antioxidants, terpenes, and other things that allow to increase the potency of the oil. The BHO extraction method is amazingly efficient, cost-effective, and good-tasting.

Why is BHO the most effective extraction method?

The fact that the BHO method needs less than one hour to complete the extraction cycle is phenomenal, in contrast to the CO2 extraction method that requires almost ten hours. The less it takes to make the extract, the more profit you will get from the business. By the way, the cost of a 5 lb professional BHO extraction system is almost $35,000, while the CO2 extraction system costs more than $100,000! So the BHO extraction method provides significant savings and bigger profits from the production of BHO shatter and other products.  

Is BHO extraction safe?

You do not have to worry about the safety of the professional BHO extraction system if it is used in a controlled lab environment. More than that, the process of the essential oils’ extraction requires a very low pressure that is usually less than 150 PSI. Just compare that to the pressure of 1,500 PSI that is necessary for the CO2 extraction method!

BHO extraction and consumers’ safety

In the closed-loop BHO extraction system, all solvents are reclaimed during the extraction cycle and are not released into the atmosphere, which means they bring no harm to the consumer. And what is the result? An amazing and delicious cannabis extract. That is why it is no wonder that BHO extraction has gained wide popularity and has won so many High Times Cannabis Cup awards that even all other extraction methods combined cannot surpass it. So, let us summarize all the facts about BHO extraction:

– it is the most efficient method of cannabis extraction
– it costs less than other methods of cannabis extraction
– the final products have an unbelievably great taste
– it brings no harm to the environment
– it is safe in implementation

These are the main reasons people prefer the BHO extraction method in their businesses.

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