What You Should Know About BHO Extraction

What You Should Know About BHO Extraction

Most smokers have experienced smoking from a gravity bong, but what about the science behind it? Are you interested? Many weed enthusiasts prefer gravity bongs to other types as you need a minimum of efforts and money to make it and, what is even more pleasant, they require less marijuana than even the classic water bongs. They also guarantee to bring the smoker a strong hit and a pure high. If you are interested in learning more about gravity bongs, continue reading and find out how to make an amazing smoking appliance yourself!

Bucket bong

Nowadays, the cannabis market provides two main types of gravity bongs: waterfall bongs, or as experienced smokers call them, “reverse buckets,” and bucket bongs. Nothing is better than a homemade bucket bong, is it not? To make it, you need a bucket full of clean and transparent water, a one- or two-liter bottle, a bottle cap, a rubber stopper and, of course, a bowl. Start with making a hole in the bottle cap. For that you may use a usual drill or knife. Then cut off the bottle’s bottom. The bigger piece you cut off, the larger hit you will have. After that, place the bowl with the rubber stopper around it into the hole of the cap. Check the seal, it must be airtight. Place the empty bottle into the bucket and then screw the cap. The bowl should have been packed by that point. Light the bowl and pull the bottle out of the water very slowly, filling it with smoke. Then take the cap off and start inhaling while pushing the bottle down. The pressure will then do everything for you.

Waterfall bong

You have been asking yourself how to make a waterfall bong, but still have no idea? Well, it is time to find out. Generally, it is not difficult at all as it has almost the same concept as the bucket bong. To make a waterfall bong, you need an empty bucket and a bottle full of clean water (in the case of bucket bongs, everything is vice versa). Do not cut off bottle’s bottom, just make a little hole right in the center of the bottom. When you are cutting the bottle, the cap should be on it so that the bottle keeps its shape. The bowl’s construction is the same as in a bucket bong. When you start pouring the water into the bottle, plug that small hole you have made with your finger. Now it is time to light the bowl, move your finger and enjoy!

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