What You Need to Know About Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

What You Need to Know About Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana

Each kind of human activity has its pros and cons, and so does marijuana consumption. People who claim that it is absolutely harmless and makes you even healthier than before are either naïve enthusiasts or weed sellers. But those who say you will die after you try it also dramatize things a little bit. What you should consider before starting and what are medical marijuana pros and cons?

First of all, marijuana is a drug (surprise!), so it has a rather big impact on your body systems and mind. It is still doubtful whether cannabinoids are less harmful than other medication prescribed in case of severe pain. But marijuana is proved to be a great pain, nausea, and vomit relieving treatment. Also, it is effective in case of serious illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, and sclerosis.

Secondly, it depends on how you consume marijuana, and smoking is the worst possible way. You probably smoke pure weed, without adding tobacco, but still, you inhale abnormally hot air, which leads to a wide range of pulmonary diseases with lungs cancer among them. So if you ingest marijuana directly, let us say through vaporization or taking pills, it will have a less harmful impact on your health.

What about pros of marijuana usage? In case of severe illnesses, benefits of smoking marijuana overcome any possible risks. Moreover, patients who consumed marijuana on a regular basis, have shown improvements in their immune system and even gained some weight. In ordinary consumption, not connected with incurable illnesses, weed has proven itself to be an effective stress-releasing substance. It is prescribed in cases of constant anxiety, insomnia, weak metabolism, muscle tremor or tension.

However, one should always be careful about the effect marijuana has on the body. Since it can cause a completely opposite outcome (anxiety, panic, and even paranoia), consult your doctor first. But if you are determined to try marijuana either for medication or fun, remember to evaluate the risks and then reach a decision.

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