What to Expect From Medical Marijuana

What to Expect From Medical Marijuana

Like with anything we use for the first time, before consuming pot, we have to consider all the pros and cons of medical marijuana [1], [2]. Most of the time, we only rely on our doctor’s knowledge and experience. So specially for you, a potential weed enthusiast, we have decided to share some information about what you should expect from the first trial of smoking marijuana.

One contributor remembers his first experience as extremely experimental, since it happened while he was working at a restaurant. He states that he did not have an idea how much to smoke, so ended up smoking approximately one gram of marijuana. The most distinct memory of his first experience was him staring at his blank bedroom wall for about twenty minutes. This does not sound like a very productive way to spend time, though a man still smokes marijuana six years after the first experience, as for him it is the only way to relax.

Another contributor says that his interest in marijuana was sparked by his friends. By the way, his first marijuana smoking experience was the first time he used drugs. Unlike the previously mentioned man, who smoked from the friend’s homemade bowl, this one used a bubbler. He did not know what to expect, and he remembers that the high crept to him slowly, and before he realized it, he felt as the most relaxed and stress-free person in the world.

Judging from the described first experiences, you might be thinking that you should definitely try it. But be careful, there are some things about marijuana that you have to know. Firstly, if you have decided to have the first experience, do it with a friend or a person you trust and who has already tried it. Nobody wants to get in a situation that might end up bad. Secondly, do not let anyone force you into anything and do not overdo it.

You can often hear people say that the first time gets you so high that there are no words to describe it. For that, it is necessary to smoke too much weed. You are an individual, and it is up to you to define the limits. And the most important advice—make this experience meaningful, memorable, and unique!

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