What states accept other states medical cannabis permission?

What states accept other states medical cannabis permission?

Nowadays states continue to legalize medical marijuana and a lot of consumers are wondering if their permissions to consume cannabis are valid in other states of the country. Those states where cannabis is legal and your permission is valid and can be accepted, you can read in this article below. Although there are only six of them we continue to add some new as soon they start to allow non-state permission to consume marijuana.


De jure, in Arizona your out-of-state permission can be accepted but de-facto you are not allowed to visit any local dispensaries and that’s the problem. Although it can be easily solved as there are many delivers that can lend a helping hand even if you are lost in the Grand Canyon. Remember that in Arizona possession limit is 21/2 ounces of marijuana.


Even if you know nothing about “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King, you will be inspired by the atmosphere of this wonderful place and friendly people living there. Don’t matter what are you doing, watching the sun set on the Atlantic coast, or enjoy a local cuisine dinner, Maine will rise to your expectations. In Maine possession limit is 21/2 ounces and you can visit local dispensaries within a month after entering the state.


You should definitely visit The Wolverine State, paradise for hikers in the United States of America. Michigan also known for its delicious beer, so if you are a great connoisseur of cannabis and this beverage – Michigan should be on the list of your most evocative trips.


Nevada is making confident steps towards the opening of state dispensaries. Because of delivery services excesses, Silver State moved from harsh sanctions to state which welcomes marijuana enthusiasts with pleasure. You can make fascinating trip to Las Vegas, the city of lights, spectacular shows and get a lot of impressions. Remember that in Nevada possession limit is 21/2 ounces of cannabis and/or maximum permissible quantity of marijuana edibles.

New Hampshire

Just near the above mentioned Maine, there’s another state that is sympathetic to the needs of visitors. Unfortunately there are no any marijuana dispensaries yet, but you are free to posses and consume legal medical marijuana. This state has the magnificent mountain peaks and extremely beautiful nature, where you can regain your strength and internal energy. Remember that New Hampshire’s possession limit is 2 ounces and patients using cannabis must meet conditions provided by the legislation of the state.

Rhode Island

Welcome to the State of Rhode Island, a place with hundred miles of beautiful coastline. Also known as Little Rhody, Rhode Island contains one fifth of all sights in the U. S. Your permission can allow you consume cannabis legally. Just take a trip to one of the nearby islands and you’ll feel yourself in heaven.

Remember that in Rhode Island possession limit is 21/2 ounces of cannabis.

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