What Sort Suits You Best: Different Strains of Weed

What Sort Suits You Best: Different Strains of Weed

If you are doubtlessly sure of the fact that you are an inveterate weed consumer, you are probably familiar with different types of pot. Some of them provide a pleasant effect—a very deep appeasement, often known as a stoned, mellow, and tranquilized feeling. Others are associated with a powerful, spiritually uplifting, energizing high. But it is not a crime if you still find yourself lost in telling weed types apart: we are ready to provide all the necessary information to those who are involved in the process of getting acquainted with the world of marijuana so as to find new things to try. Follow this short marijuana strains guide to find out more than you already know.

You have possibly heard about different pot species—a gigantic sativa plant with sharp leaves, small and bushy indica, and their hybrids. However, you may still be confused in defining the qualities of each type. So, there are some prompts that will help you make up your mind and choose the substance with the necessary effect.

Let us begin with sativa’s effect. Being high on sativa can be compared to the overindulgence in strong coffee or an energy drink: it is good for consuming during the day and is never recommended for nighttime—you will feel that your body is full of energy and your mind lavishly sparks with creativity, you will feel the power to run literally hundreds of miles without stopping—it is a pure stimulant that demonstrates itself both physically and emotionally. On the contrary, indica is totally suitable for nighttime, and its effect is not even close to sativa’s euphoric state: it calms the smoker down, removes muscle pressure, and sets a dense sedative effect all over the body.


Indica and sativa are the two basic types of weed.

Hybrids can bring either mind stimulation or relaxation, depending on their chemical compounds and, obviously, the percentage of sativa and indica in them. They are fine to consume any time—there is no difference whether you take them in the daytime or at night.

Some scientists claim they have found the key to the weed effect—the two compounds that enrich the strains and give them their unique aromatic and gustatory qualities. It is all about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoids (CBD). The correlation between the mentioned chemicals is specified by the growth conditions of the plant. Therefore, there is nothing a smoker can do except ask the dealer and choose weed thoroughly in advance. Different chemicals stimulate different senses and emotions—and so does a wide range of weed strains.

As we can see, different strains of marijuana affect our body chemically in different ways—it is natural that it reflects on our mind’s condition and the manner of functioning. That is why it is natural to choose an appropriate sort of plant according to your own needs. At the same time, it is recommended to consider your health conditions beforehand: if you have ever suffered from heart diseases, try to avoid any stimulant, including sativa and the hybrids that work similarly. But if your pressure is diagnosed as low at its crucial stage, avoid the sedative substances like indica and its tranquilizing collaterals.

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