What Lack of Sleep and Munchies Have in Common

What Lack of Sleep and Munchies Have in Common

As it was revealed by the scientific authorities from the University of Chicago, chronic lack of sleep can cause the activation of the same chemicals that are responsible for the “marijuana munchies” state. We suppose that not everybody knows about this phenomenon, so it would be useful to concentrate on the “munchies” topic.

When a smoker inhales marijuana, the chemicals containing in weed tend to activate special human receptors in the endocannabinoid system and make people crave food. That is why pot smokers are going to eat and eat and eat, even when they are not hungry. Moreover, they normally choose to ingest some pretty heavy foods:  cakes, sweets or snacks that are known for their high sugar content, or they turn to some fatty and yummy dishes—pizza, fries, crackers, and so on and so forth. It is clear that none of those products can be considered as part of a healthy diet. Nevertheless, it is claimed that smoking marijuana can help a person lose weight. Of course, it sounds a little hard to believe due to the appetite stimulation effect of pot that is described above, but real weed users say they can really see a positive slimming effect although they eat more calories per day than the average non-smoker.

Despite consuming more calories, marijuana smokers look skinnier than any non-smoker that follows a strict diet. Scientists that were trying to discover the reason for this occurrence  concluded that weed can help us in losing weight due to the simplest chemical explanation—a specific chemical mixture of pot and vitamin A. So, the study has opened a new method of treating obesity and helping those who gained some weight get back to the weight they always wanted.

But let us get back to the problem of not having enough sleep. Our body’s mechanism of appetite stimulation is similar to what is happening to our appetite while we smoke pot: we feel a strong desire to consume some nourishing food. But in the case of weed smoking, we have some active cannabinoids, which acting simultaneously with vitamin A provide us with a slimming effect. But the lack of sleep itself cannot be productive in terms of getting the most beautiful body shape: you do not receive cannabinoids and substantial vitamins from staying awake for too long, consequently, there is no chance to expect weight loss.

Never forget to get some sleep—it is useful both for your mental and physical health, not mentioning the aesthetic effect it provides for your body, making us look healthier and slimmer. The first thing for us to do is to process this information, while the second step should be trying to use this advice to enhance our confidence, self-esteem, and the general feeling of happiness from living our lives.

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