What It Means to Be Woman in Cannabis Society

What It Means to Be Woman in Cannabis Society

The growing popularity of weed in the U.S. results in more and more young people being interested in the trend. The recent poll shows that more than 70 percent of young people at the age from 18 to 34 support the legalization of marijuana. According to the said poll, the numbers include both female and male demographics. The acceptance of women in the industry has been growing rapidly. Unfortunately, it is still clear that older women are more discrete about their “hobby” than younger ones.

Young female stoners, on the contrary, has been popularizing the trend vigorously through social networks and media. Yet, the image of a female weed enthusiast is still somewhat stereotypical and distorted. A few years ago, the most popular depictions of the relations between women and marijuana were hot half-naked girls with phallic bongs. Today, the status of women in the marijuana society has been improved a little, but they are still sexualized. It can be explained by the popularity of weed advertisements that show hot girls surrounded by weed and 420 accessories.

As the result of the said reputation, young girls are also influenced by the said stereotype and feel obliged to present and behave themselves according to it. What women need to do is to express their confidence and be proud about their cannabis avocation. There is nothing wrong with leaving behind those sex-crazed images and including middle-aged business ladies and moms to the picture.


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