What Is Synthetic Weed?

What Is Synthetic Weed?

Synthetic weed, “fake weed,” or spice, is the mix of human-made chemicals and herbs that affect our mind by altering it. Researchers from different health care institutes have proved that there are numerous dangers of synthetic weed for humans, and its effects are so unpredictable that they may even cause death.

Dangers of synthetic weed use

When people think about marijuana, they cannot imagine it being truly hazardous. That is why synthetic marijuana also does not seem dangerous. Well, it is a wrong opinion, and synthetic weed is much more dangerous than the natural kind. If you are a big fan of smoking synthetic marijuana, you should stop and ask for help at the addiction treatment center before it is too late to stop. We are going to help you make the first step by showing the list of dangers that are associated with the use of synthetic weed.

1. This synthetic drug causes strong agitation. Unlike natural marijuana that has a relaxing effect on the human body, synthetic marijuana does quite the opposite—it makes the person feel extremely alarmed and restless.

2. Synthetic marijuana also causes continuous anxiety and worries about nothing. Besides, one of its side effects is the probability of becoming paranoid.

3. All synthetic drugs cause tachycardia—high heart rate—and increase blood pressure. That is why spice is among those risky drugs that can lead to death because of the unwished impact on the heart.

4. If you are a synthetic weed smoker, you have noticed nausea that appears after each use. In some cases, it causes severe vomiting that leads to dehydration and, finally, immediate hospitalization.

5. Muscle spasms and seizures are also the side effects of this drug. Such symptoms are caused by the chemicals it contains. There were cases when muscle spasms from the synthetic weed became permanent, and seizures burdened the smokers with a lifelong disorder.

6. Synthetic drug use does not exclude hallucinations that in many cases make people break the law, hurt other people, and do things they will later regret. Although rarely, it happens that hallucinations from this drug make people commit suicide.

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