What Is Hash Oil?

What Is Hash Oil?

Nowadays, more and more people understand that cannabis is an effective choice for dealing with different diseases, like cancer, chronic pain, and respiratory diseases. We think it is time to get closer to cannabis oil and find out what it is so highly valued for.

What is cannabis oil?

Well, it seems quite crazy that inhaling smoke, which does not feel that great and destroys your lungs, also works as an alternative medicine even better than many expensive pills. However, with cannabis extract oil, or shatter oil, there are two important differences.

– First of all, cannabis oil is much more concentrated and potent than dry weed, so the effect on your body is more powerful.

– Secondly, you can not smoke oil, you have to ingest it. In fact, you feed your body with pure molecules, which make it possible for you to regain the balance that was lost due to the disease. Real experience shows that there is nothing cannabis oil cannot manage.

Take note: hemp seed oil is not the same as hash oil. Hash oil is made of cannabis leaves and flowers, which allows it to contain a higher level of THC. It is also illegal in America.

Why is the science behind all this so important? The reason for that is its referring to the real experience of real marijuana patients. Right now, there are three documentaries that describe the ability of cannabis oil to cure cancer. Besides, there are so many home videos of people using shatter oil to manage rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis, and other diseases that it is impossible not to believe in the magical properties of weed.

The history of cannabis oil

Initially, cannabis seeds were crushed to get the oil that resembles linseed oil. Then, it was used as the main ingredient for making paints and varnishes, until in the late 1930’s, the industry started to use a new material—petrochemicals. Besides, hemp oil was highly in demand for lighting the lamps, until in 1850’s, it was decided to replace it with whale oil and kerosene. So, as you can see, marijuana played and still plays a significant role in the development and prosperity of humanity.

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