What Is Ganja and Why Does It Cause So Much Debate?

What Is Ganja and Why Does It Cause So Much Debate?

Ganja is a street name for marijuana. This word is an alien in the English language as, according to the Urban Dictionary, it comes from Sanskrit and denotes a hemp plant that grows in India and is exported in the form of dried grass. This name has gained vast popularity in Jamaica, that is why it is often referred to as Jamaican ganja.

Marijuana causes a great number of debates as to whether it is  harmless or dangerous. The issue of the legalization of ganja is still open. The advocates of the weed claim that this drug helps you relax and eases the nerves. It makes a person calm, dreamy, and satisfied, causing a decrease in the anxiety level. Besides, it affects the process of perception, bringing out new emotions while doing simple things like listening to the music. Jamaican singers seem happy and creative due to the use of marijuana. It sounds quite tempting, does it not? But what about the other side of the coin?

Ganja is also used for medical purposes. For instance, in ophthalmology, it is used to treat glaucoma. The cannabis plant is also helpful in asthma therapy. Some doctors even use it as a supplement while treating patients with cancer. This has become a winning argument for legalization of ganja in such countries as Uruguay, Chile, and Colombia.

Despite this fact, there are quite a lot of opponents of weed use. Jamaican ganja is known to have a high content of THC—an active substance that makes weed so efficient. This substance is quickly absorbed by the fat tissues of our body and can be stored there for a pretty long period of time. That is why sometimes it is difficult to find drug leftovers in the blood, but when it comes to the level of the drug in the fat tissues or brain, it may be surprisingly high.

The hazardous effects of marijuana are numerous. It may lead to the lack of coordination in the muscle movements, psychotic or neurotic state, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders, especially when a person is genetically susceptible to them. Ganja is smoked as a cigarette, that is why it often causes illnesses of the respiratory system, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, or even lung cancer.

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