What Is Dabbing Weed

What Is Dabbing Weed

According to the responses of many marijuana enthusiasts, wax concentrates are the next thing to gain widespread popularity. More than that, dabbing marijuana is becoming quite prevalent in the modern medicine, but its effects have caused mixed opinions about its usefulness. Nowadays, there are dozens of unique ways to experience the best of cannabis, like smoking, vaping, ingesting, or using topicals. These methods are highly effective, but some marijuana users claim that cannabis dabbing has a few specific health benefits that the humanity needs to explore. Dabbing concentrates is the recent trend in the cannabis world that makes people put down their pipes and bongs. So, what is dab weed and how do thc dabs affect the human body?

What is dabbing weed?

Dabbing is one of many methods to ingest cannabis for medical use. According to Leafly, dabs are concentrated doses of marijuana that are received by extracting THC and other components of weed using a solvent, like butane, for instance. Usually, you can meet dabs in the form of wax, shatter, or oil.

What do you need for dabbing?

For many patients, dabbing concentrates is an effective way of receiving the medical benefits of marijuana. However, the process requires more tools than the traditional lighter/joint method. For dabbing marijuana concentrates, you will need the next tools: dab rig (a specific glass bong designed only for using dabs), blow torch, dome (helps to guide the vapor), nail (needed to heat up the concentrates), dabber (a tool to get the wax from a container and put it in the dome), wax or oil, depending on what you prefer. It is quite easy to find wax for dabbing as nowadays, almost all dispensaries regularly provide it to their clients. You also should know that each type of wax concentrate differs from each other in intensity and THC level.

Is it useful to dab?

Dabbing marijuana is quite a controversial subject. Some studies show that if dabs are dosed correctly and are used only by patients with serious health problems, it can be an effective alternative for treating severe pain. On the contrary, other doctors claim that THC makes patients unable to feel the medical effects of dabbing.

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