What is Dabbing and How Does It Work?

What is Dabbing and How Does It Work?

Everybody who is involved in the cannabis industry in one way or another knows various methods of marijuana consumption. Some of them have been around for centuries; some are more recent. Like any other industry, it does not stay the same all the time, it is constantly developing.

About a decade ago, a new manner of cannabis consumption, dabbing, became widespread. And during the last couple of years, it became somewhat of a craze among the weed enthusiasts. With the development of weed-oriented companies, dabbing supplies also became more advanced and are now available in different shapes and designs.

How Does Dabbing Weed Work?

When dabbing, a marijuana concentrate is heated, usually on a nail or other hot surface, and then inhaled through a rig. There are many producers of glass dab rigs in the U.S. The list of the best companies you can find in our article “5 Best Smoking Glassware Brands”.

The dabs, or simply cannabis concentrates, are the result of extracting the plant’s cannabinoids using a solvent: butane or carbon dioxide. The process yields sticky oils also known as wax, butane hash oil, budder, or shatter.

This method also works for the extraction of CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds like terpenes, but it is used rarer as dabbing is praised for its high THC level.

While there are many controversial facts about blasting dabs because of the intense high provided by it, the trend becomes more and more popular. Dabbing weed is not perfect right now as there are both positive and negative sides to it.

Negative Sides

Unfortunately, dabbing is not the safest way to consume weed. There are many dangers both behind the process of the extraction and the actual consumption.

It is believed that nowadays you can find everything on the Internet. And it may be true as there are numerous videos of how to make the concentrate yourself. Many young people inspired by these YouTube tutorials think of themselves as the main characters of Braking Bad and decide to equip their own home laboratories for the extraction of hash oil.

However, many of these amateur scientists just become a subject of the latest news on TV about an explosion due to the misuse of the needed solvent. These accidents only bring ill fame to the whole cannabis culture and cause troubles in the process of legalization.

Moreover, even in case they are fortunate enough to avoid an explosion or other troubles during the process, the DIY product will be nothing but bad.


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