What Is Cannabis Oil?

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil, or hemp oil, is a byproduct of the cannabis plant. Take note that while all cannabis plants can produce oil, the industrial cannabis plant is the only type that produces this particular kind of oil. It contains the minimum amount of psychoactive substances that usually affect the human body and mind. The oil is extracted from the whole plant, including the seeds. It has a rich nutty flavor and a natural green color. After it has been refined, the oil loses the green tint, and the flavor becomes more delicate. Cannabis oil uses are very diverse—the manufacturers usually add it to such products as soap, body care items, and even paints.

Products containing cannabis oil

There is an enormous variety of such products for everyday use, including the most common one—soap. Body care products, especially those of organic nature, contain cannabis oil, as it is one of the most effective moisturizers that nature could ever provide. Besides, it can be directly applied to the skin to treat cracks and flaking. You will probably not believe it, but even certain perfumes have some cannabis oil in their content. People who want to get all the health benefits from cannabis oil use it as a dietary supplement. Indeed, the oil from the cannabis plant, just like fish or olive oil, contains a high amount of fatty acids that are essential for the human body. Moreover, cannabis oil can be used as a dressing for your favorite dishes. Unfortunately, unrefined cannabis oil has a short storage life and quickly goes rancid unless you keep it in the dark. Preserving cannabis oil in the refrigerator also helps slow down the process. Usually, people consume a small amount of oil, so there is no need to think about it going to waste. You must remember that cannabis oil cannot be used for cooking. Its smoking point is low, and heating leads to the change of its chemical composition. Refined oil lasts longer, but cannabis oil benefits are no longer present in it.

Is cannabis oil legal?

Cannabis legalization remains unsettled, as there are different opinions regarding its impact on people. That is why there are some places where growing cannabis is banned completely and cannabis-free places. To avoid problems with the law, research your area before buying or using cannabis oil.

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