What Happens to Cannabis Quitters?

What Happens to Cannabis Quitters?

If you are a regular marijuana consumer, sooner or later you will want to take a break or will need to detoxify for a drug test at work. And so you will wonder whether cannabis causes addiction like alcohol, drugs or even sex does. Though there is no official claim that cannabis is addictive, our organisms tend to accustom to everything that occurs constantly in our lives—both biological and psychological dependencies are possible.

As all addictive things, cannabis causes the release of dopamine in your system. This chemical is responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Repetitive consumption of weed causes constant flows of dopamine in your body. As a result, the organism starts to produce a smaller amount of the chemical when there is no such stimulation.

Usually, the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal are compared to those of heroin withdrawal. They can last more than a week and are very severe.

There are still some debates about the intensity of cannabis withdrawal symptoms and their exact number, but in this article we will unveil all possible variants.

Physical Symptoms

Physical Symptoms

Most physical symptoms appear within three days after you stop the consumption. They usually reach their peak at one week and then last almost a month in a mild form. Heavy users report the following long-term symptoms.


Headaches are the most common symptoms of cannabis detoxing. The first couple of days are the most intense. In general, the aches last about a month or two. The best way to treat this symptom is to take pills—Tylenol is the most common remedy.


It is usually represented by night sweats—sometimes to the extent when you need to change clothes. This way your body gets rid of the toxins from marijuana. The duration of night sweats is rather ambivalent; sweatiness can last from a few days to several weeks. Another common occurrence is sweaty hands, usually accompanied by an odor coming from them. While frequent baths can help the problem, this option is not always available. Using more deodorant might make the experience less discomforting.

Abdominal Pain

Considering the fact that cannabis helps with nausea, muscle relaxing and appetite problems, going without it will be hard for your stomach. Alongside the cramps, the first few days will be clouded by eating problems. Unfortunately, they can last up to six weeks. Nausea and vomit usually accompany them. As a result, many people lose a lot of weight after quitting cannabis.

Shaking and Dizziness

A general tremor is an unalienable symptom of marijuana withdrawal. To minimize its intensity, try to exclude caffeine from your diet and drink a lot of chamomile tea instead. Try to overcome your eating problems and have three proper meals a day.

Psychological Symptoms

Psychological Symptoms

Unlike physical symptoms, psychological ones can last a lot longer. They vary from person to person and may be expressed in different forms.


The most obvious effect of cannabis on our body is relaxation. Without it, you will need to deal with all of your everyday problems on your own. Social anxiety will be caused by the absence of the creative high that usually smoothes over your problems. Do not become a hermit—hang out with friends who do not consume cannabis but try to avoid parties with alcohol. Besides, your body can always produce its own cannabinoid—anandamide. It is released during exercising.


The inability to relax causes one more side effect—irritability. Regular exercise can help with it. The best choice will be to purchase a punching ball, so you can take it out on the bag. Refraining from caffeine and eating more chocolate will improve your condition as well. Visit a shooting range and release your frustration there.

Restlessness and Fatigue

These symptoms are common among cigarette quitters—they have nothing to do with their hands. People cannot concentrate on simple tasks. Keeping yourself busy with small activities like meditation, drawing or playing games will help with the anxiety. Also, try taking vitamins to boost your immune system and do not forget about healthy sleep—eight hours a day will provide a perfect rest.

And remember, though cannabis withdrawal has an influence on the organism, it is not as bad as cigarettes. The key to success, in this case, is exercising, keeping to a special diet and staying busy.

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