What growers should know about medical marijuana regulations

What growers should know about medical marijuana regulations

The cannabis industry specialist Ronald Sigman spent nearly thirty years in law enforcement, working in criminal investigation for Enforcement Division in Colorado. Nowadays he’s involved in Adherence Corporation as the chief operating officer and helps the cannabis producers and their companies to follow the federal law and state marijuana regulations. His work experience includes inspection of more than 200 companies, dispensaries and shops for recreational cannabis use, so he can explain how the cannabis business actually works and how to develop it without being fined for restricted actions.

While interview with him he has given the advices on how to avoid the problem with the government for those who have decided to start his own recreational or medical marijuana business.

First he admits that the companies should be ready for the series of questions and computer examination as well. Since METRC, software system used for licensed business, is acquired for cannabis growers’ audits, it’s useless to hide the true information on license expiry date, security system, so any kind of physical location. Documents and records considering marketing, sales and growing process will be studied precisely too, Sigman tells.

During his job he has found lots of violation cases in Colorado among which are personal changes and licenses not visited by the MED, wrong done documentation, absence of the proper cameras’ security, not upgraded licenses. However there exist verbal warnings so the growers have possibility to correct violations, the series of offences will cost between $7,000 to $25,000 for a farmer or a company director.

He also points out the problem with pesticides, which covers the whole agriculture. The list with authorized herbicides is published and should be learned by every grower though there’s a big problem for the regulatory service workers: there’re no rules made by federal government which tell whether the pesticide can be used for marijuana only. So with more researches come more answers and regulations.

Sigman’s advice to cannabis businessmen is to stay in compliance with the law as one never knows when regulatory agency comes to check whether everything is done correctly.

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