What Effects Does Marijuana Have On the Body

What Effects Does Marijuana Have On the Body

A number of various studies proved that using cannabis regularly affects your body, brain, and daily life. What are the most notable marijuana effects on the body? AllWeedNews will tell about how consuming weed affects your entire life.

Marijuana's positive impact

Marijuana’s positive impact

Marijuana is believed to be a medicinal plant that can help you deal with numerous health problems. What are the most prevalent medical marijuana’s effects? Smoking weed may reduce pain and help people who have serious diseases like multiple sclerosis, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Because of a special chemical called cannabidiol (CBD), medical cannabis may be used as a treatment for the patients with seizures, nausea, and nutrition disorders without getting them “high.” It means that CBD-enhanced cannabis may be given to kids with treatment-resistant diseases like severe epilepsy. In some cases, it may be also given to kids with cancer reduce chemotherapy’s side effects.

Cannabis' negative effects

Cannabis’ negative effects

Although weed appears to be a medicine for the people with the diseases like diabetes or glaucoma, the regular marijuana smokers may face some negative effects of marijuana. The three most vulnerable parts of your brain are those areas that are responsible for your memory, your appetite, and your time perception.

There is a study that confirmed that consuming marijuana constantly affects your weight. The more you smoke it, the less are your chances to keep your body fit. Marijuana increases the feeling of hunger, forcing you to eat almost everything you can lay your eyes on. It may seem not a bad thing for people with a poor appetite, but it may lead you to buy new clothes one or two sizes bigger.

As for the effects of marijuana on the brain, there can be some negative impact, too. A study conducted by Northwestern Medicine in 2013 proved that heavy smokers have poor memory and abnormal brain structure. Moreover, the researchers found a link between how early the person started consuming weed and a state of their brain. The younger the heavy smoker was when they started smoking joints regularly, the higher is the risk of brain structure’s changing.

So, like with any other medicine, you need to use marijuana responsively in order to stay healthy for years.

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