What do different U.S. states think about marijuana?

What do different U.S. states think about marijuana?

A few recent polls in Michigan, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Iowa show what the Americans think about marijuana laws and the process of the plant’s legalization. We will tell you how many American citizens support the process and who fights against legalizing marijuana.

Michigan wants recreational cannabis to be legal

You better not possess any recreational weed while you are traveling through the state of Michigan. Although medical cannabis is currently legal in the state, you cannot use the plant for recreational purposes. But the way things are today can be changed in the near future, if the state officials take into consideration the Michigan citizens’ opinion.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Public Sector Consultants organization and Michigan Radio, almost 56 percent of voters think that recreational marijuana should be legal in Michigan. Nearly 40 percent of Michiganders, however, do not approve of the weed legalization. But, since the poll surveyed only 600 likely voters, these results are not fully representative.

South Carolina demands to respect its cannabis law

And so do New Hampshire and Iowa, according to another one recent poll commissioned by Marijuana Majority. About 65 percent among respondents in South Carolina think that the local officials have a right to improve their own marijuana laws without “federal interference.” The results are almost similar for the states of Iowa and New Hampshire. People in these three states do not want the federal authorities to prosecute marijuana users, growers and sellers who follow state rules. The number of respondents who think the opposite is about 16 percent.

It is curious that we have a different share of marijuana supporters among the Democrats and Republicans in different states. In Iowa and New Hampshire, the Democrats are very likely to recognize the value of local marijuana laws. In the state of South Carolina, in contrast to the previous two states, the Republicans are more likely to back the right of local officials to enact cannabis laws without federal government involvement. The Independents show nearly identical support to the demand of respecting local marijuana laws in all the three states.

The survey was conducted by the Public Policy Polling organization from September 3 through September 6 and has a 2.9 percent margin of error.

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