What Are Next States to Legalize Weed?

What Are Next States to Legalize Weed?

The hardest, most tense, full of fighting and struggling, and at the same time, important periods for marijuana storing, consumption, and legalization were 2012 and 2014. The strictness of law was defeated by those residents of different countries and even continents who did everything possible for canceling the inexorable pot ban. These two years played a huge role in the development of decriminalization politics for weed — cannabis was allowed simultaneously in many places on the map: Uruguay, Finland, the Colorado state, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Now we have a new list of weed-friendly states in which marijuana has the highest probability to become allowed: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio, Nevada, and Missouri. Although there is still much work and discussion ahead, the states have already shown the initiative to complete the “green” process. So, it is time to look at them separately to find out the most important things you need to know when planning a pot-smoking vacation somewhere away from home.

The residents of Massachusetts say they are not afraid of cannabis being legalized in 2016. It is not a surprise because this state was the first to allow people of the same sex to get married officially. Contrary to Massachusetts, Hawaii never positioned itself as a same-sex marriage supporter, but it has been widely known as a place growing the most famous types of pot in the world. The bill on marijuana legalization was presented here at the beginning of 2016. However, unluckily for weed fans, it died shortly. But there is still a chance the state will legalize weed as soon as there is an appropriate law opportunity.

Maine is a remote state situated in the north-eastern part of the country. It is not close to the western part, where weed legalization is nothing but blooming and thriving, but it is still making firm moves toward achieving the desired legalization. Maine’s dwellers gathered an impressive number of signatures to expedite the process.

Ohio, Nevada, and Missouri do not want to stay away from the global marijuana legalization trend. That is why they are preparing all the necessary legal instruments to get the process started in 2016. They show their interest by collecting signatures to stab the law in the back at the nearest election cycle.

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