What Are Most Popular Weed Strain Names?

What Are Most Popular Weed Strain Names?

All сannabis strains that have already managed to go viral all over the world come from one single plant. The varieties of this plant differ by their properties, such as color, taste, smell, and application. Marijuana critics analyze these properties in order to compile a comprehensive list of the best strains. Though critics’ views are often subjective when it comes to the effects produced by the strain, a review of the main characteristics of the product might be helpful.

Top Cannabis varieties

One of the most well-known marijuana strains is Headband. The name of the strain speaks for itself. Some critics note that it feels like a real band around your head that gives you the feeling of lightness and euphoria. By its origin, this strain is a combination of sativa and indica with the domination of the former. The plant is covered in small light-green hairy bulbs. The scent of the strain is rather earthy with a faint note of diesel.

One more variety of weed is Strawberry Cough. It has got its name for the berry taste, though, as critics admit, this taste does not last for long. It can also soothe pain and make you more light-limbed. Sometimes people feel the difference between daytime and evening consumption of this strain. It gets you on the move in the morning and calms down at night.

As for Tahoe OG, it is a hybrid of sativa and indica with buds of medium size. If used in small dosages, it may increase appetite. It also causes the uplifting of spirit and motivation together with coughing and absent-mindedness. Some OG consumers are proud of their decisiveness, thoughtfulness, and wit brought by the strain, but such benefits are rather doubtful. Even experienced weed-lovers avoid using this strain before a significant event or a meeting. So if you need a clear mind, it is better to stay away from any dopey stuff.

Blue Dream is truly considered a cult weed strain. In the genetics of this weed sort, sativa is the dominant factor. It means that this product has an invigorating effect upon a consumer, it prompts to go out and do some physical exercises. As for the taste of the weed, it is sweet, fruity, with a pine aftertaste. It also fuels your appetite.

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