What Are Marijuana Edibles and How to Consume Them Responsibly?

What Are Marijuana Edibles and How to Consume Them Responsibly?

In the world of cannabis, edibles are the trickiest part. As every individual is unique, the effects of edibles on every person are absolutely different. Marijuana-infused products tend to be more potent than the green sticky things you might be familiar with. But that is not the only thing that makes some people regret consuming edibles. Comparing to smoked weed, ingested cannabis takes a while to get you high, so be careful and do not consume too much, even if it is extremely hard to resist. Learn how to consume edibles carefully to reduce the risk of overdose and negative effects.

Edibles: What You Need to Know

You should understand that marijuana-infused products differ from buds. If to be more exact, it is about the materials they are created from. Producers use concentrated marijuana oils that are full of THC, the main active component of weed that gets you high. While cannabis edibles fall under a number of categories, the potency of the products varies just as much. The word “edible” is used to describe any cannabis product that you consume via ingesting, like THC pills, cookies, lollipops, tinctures, and many others. For example, brownies take a couple of hours to get you high, though the result is impressive: you will feel the effect for eight hours, not less!

Safe consumption

Usually, when it comes to something tasty, people say that you can always eat more but never less. But with edibles, moderation is the key to deep satisfaction. Here are tips that will help you avoid an overdose on edibles.

– Find out the potency of edibles. Usually, cannabis edibles contain 10 mg of THC. However, if you still remember the rule of thumb, it would be even better to start with five.

– Do not eyeball it. Remember that some brownies can contain even 100 mg of THC, so always pay attention to the labels. We know that you can eat a basket of Thin Mints, but such a dose is extremely high, and you may need just a quarter of one cookie to feel euphoric.

– Do not hurry. If you have never dealt with edibles, then we recommend you to experiment with them in the afternoon or evening, anytime when you do not have any responsibilities afterwards.

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