What Are Bongs?

What Are Bongs?

Are you a weed enthusiast planning to buy a new shiny bong? If yes, do you know how to make the right choice you will not regret afterward? In this article, we will focus on different types of bongs, so get ready to fall in love with one of them!

Glass Bongs

It goes without saying that bongs made of glass are widely used and are probably the most popular ones. The glass in most bongs is frosted, so that smokers can control the transparency of the water in the bong. The variety of colors, styles, and shapes is so huge that your any wish can become true.


After comparing ceramic and glass bongs, we can say that the first type is smaller and heavier. The smoking experience is as pure as when using a glass bong. A wide range of design and color increases the attractiveness of ceramic bongs, but there are two disadvantages that may frighten a potential buyer: the difficulty of cleaning and high fragility.


Plastic bongs, also known as acrylic bongs, are translucent and lack ice catchers. One of the pros of plastic bongs is a chance to dilute the exotic wood taste. Besides, they are cheaper than glass or ceramic bongs by a couple of times and have a lighter weight. Metal and wood bongs are not used as often, but they are also very stylish and attractive.


Bongs can be classified by the joint kind—90- and 45-degree joints. 90-degree joints are commonly found on stemless bongs with a straight up and down shape. In contrast, a 45-degree joint is common in bongs with removable stems.

Water Pipe

Water pipes, or bongs, are pipes with the function of water filtration and a removal bowl. In most cases, they are equipped with female joints. The main advantage of water pipes is smoke cooling. The most common material for bongs is legal herbs or tobacco.


The bongs of this type have a removable glass stem that flows down to the water chamber and outside.


A beaker is a water pipe with a chamber filled with water that flares out into a conical or sometimes bubble shape.


It is also a kind of water pipe with a water-filled chamber and a mouthpiece in the shape of a straight cylindrical tube.

Now you are acquainted with the main types of bongs and their pros and cons, so do not waste time, choose the appropriate bong and get high!

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