Well-Known Mexican Drug Trafficker Escapes Prison Again

Well-Known Mexican Drug Trafficker Escapes Prison Again

In Mexico, country where criminals can make a fortune by selling illegal drugs, and prison breaks are not out of regularly, professional criminal Joaquin Guzman has made impossible again. He is leader of the richest network of drug dealers, and huge weed plants Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, escaped from the most secured prison, Altiplano, which is near the city.

Mexico’s Security spokesman Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia said that Guzman run off through a tunnel below his prison cell, in the tunnel was everything necessary for the escape: ventilation holes, electric lights and a motorbike.

Rubio added that in the tunnel among different things they found construction equipment, containers with petrol and tubes made of plastic. The exit from the tunnel was on the building site.

Learning about escape, local authorities closed International Airport of Toluca and started an investigation and almost 20 prison guards are under suspicious.

This was second Guzman’s prison escape. The first one was in 1993, he escaped in 2001 from the same type of prison in a box with dirty clothes and was recaptured in 2014 with the help of Mexican marines and US forces

He was caught in winter 2014 by Mexican and United States officials, who appointed the award for his capture, to intimidate other cartels. Mexican authorities had denied the U.S.’s requirement for the extradition of the criminal but assured them that the prisoner will be under supervision. Guzman operated business that included transportation a large amount of illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine and marijuana into the U.S. Thus he became a billionaire according to Forbes, but until 2013 when they faced the fact that he was spending an impressive sum of money to bribe authorities with the aim to expand his business. Nevertheless, he is still on the Forbs list as most powerful “CEO of the Sinaloa cartel.”

Guzman or also known as “El Chapo”, in his native town is kind of Robin Hood where musicians are singing songs dedicated to him and other criminals.

Notwithstanding the stories about his open-heartedness in respect to the poor people Guzman and his cartel has murdered huge amount of people to control profitable trafficking routes in the biggest cities of Mexico.

According to statistic, since 2007, drug cartels of Mexico and special security forces appointed to resist them have killed more than 83,000 people.

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