Weed Wax: What Is It and How to Make It?

Weed Wax: What Is It and How to Make It?

Marijuana wax has a lot of names: BHO, honey, hash oil, shatter, and many others. More and more people are discovering this way of consuming weed, so its popularity increases every day. Butane hash oil sounds petrifying, but it can surprise you with the extreme joy you will get if you prepare it correctly. As many people choose to make wax themselves, this article is here to help you understand what is marijuana wax and how to make wax properly.

What is weed wax or BHO?

BHO, or “ear wax,” received its name from the process of making it. The process of consuming wax is called “dabbing” or “taking a hit of dab.”

Simplest recipe of making marijuana wax

Step 1. Extract the weed. Find an extraction tube and fill it with the strain that you have chosen. Be sure there are no air pockets and the grass you are using is extremely dry. Fill the up tube until there is no air. If you do not have enough material, just use a smaller tube. Then take a coffee filter and attach it to the tube’s bottom. Hold it over a medium Pyrex dish. Next, get the butane and place the nozzle right above the tube’s top hole. Let the butane flow through the tube until the liquid starts to drip into the dish. Try to use the maximum amount of butane cans. Continue to keep an eye on the dripping until the liquid becomes gold in color.

Step 2. As soon as the first step is completed, you may start evaporating the liquid to get rid of the harmful butane. To do that, take a medium Pyrex dish and put it in the bigger one filled with hot water. Leave it so for twenty minutes, replacing the cold water with the new hot one. Be sure that the place where you do this is well ventilated.

Step 3: Purging. It is time to purge the oil, which means the process of complete removal of hash oil. In order to do that, set the oil to high heat and then place a medium Pyrex dish on it for about an hour. When the oil stops bubbling, the process is finished. If the substance is still a little cloudy, purge it again—maybe, there is still some butane left. You can check this by using a flame. If it still catches fire, you need to spend more time on the butane removal.

Storing. To make the BHO exploitation long, put the wax in an air-proof container in the dark and cool place. In other conditions, it will become dry and tasteless.

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