Weed vs. Alcohol

Weed vs. Alcohol

Some people are sure that marijuana is safer than weed, but what about you? Who wins in the contest “alcohol vs marijuana”? New studies give us impressive results: alcohol is 114 times more dangerous for the human body than marijuana. Shocking, right? Nowadays, the government warnings that say “marijuana is addictive and unsafe” do not persuade people anymore.

Why is marijuana not “frightening” nowadays?

The evidence of marijuana’s safety has been once again proven by scientists that have discovered smoking cannabis is 114 times less likely to harm you than drinking alcohol. Besides, latest studies have found out that alcohol is even more deadly than such drugs as cocaine and heroin. The study was based on the mortality survey, and THC and cannabis scored above the safety thresholds while alcohol was found far below it. The study proves that the influence of alcohol is significantly underestimated.

Researchers have also found out that weed has a pretty minor effect on drivers. The states that have legalized cannabis have not noticed a significant increase in the number of weed-related accidents, while the same indicators for alcohol remain at the historic highs. According to the database of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2013, the number of victims of alcohol-related car accidents was 32,719 people. This number includes people (10,000) who died in drunk-driving accidents. Generally speaking, traffic fatalities connected with alcohol account for 31%. According to the research conducted at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcohol use causes the death of 80,000 people per year, while the number of marijuana deaths is equal to zero. The scientists still have not found the lethal dose of marijuana. If someone tells you that smoking is more harmful that alcohol because of carcinogenic effects, mention in defense that alcohol is also a carcinogen. From the technical point of view, it is a Class-A1 carcinogen. This fact means that it has a 100% ability to cause cancer in the human body. Cannabis advocates hope that future marijuana studies will make people change their opinion about marijuana.

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