Weed Vending Machine to Be Installed in Jamaica

Weed Vending Machine to Be Installed in Jamaica

The cultural identity of Jamaica has always been connected to cannabis, and it is odd that weed was legalized in this country only last year. In 2015, the government of the country made amendments to the outdated marijuana laws of Jamaica, making it possible to possess up to two ounces of marijuana legally. More than that, from that moment on, the pot growers were allowed to cultivate not more than five cannabis plants. Additionally, the country is planning to install a cannabis vending machine in each of its airports. How it works and what it is like is described in this article.

Marijuana law reforms in Jamaica

It is important to note that the changes to the marijuana law were well overdue. For a long time, Jamaica has been something of a cannabis mecca, as nearly 10 percent of its population reported having used weed at least once per year. It is well above the level of the global average marijuana consumption, though Jamaica still lags behind New Zealand, where around 15 percent of Kiwis have consumed weed in the last year. Nevertheless, being the birthplace of Bob Marley, Jamaica holds a special place in the heart of tourists. Since the law has changed in 2015, the government of the country is planning to approve the Cannabis Licensing Authority’s idea to install a weed dispensary machine in each airport of Jamaica and also at the harbors throughout the country.

How will the marijuana vending machines work?

Despite the changes that the government of Jamaica has made to its marijuana laws, some experts believe that there are holes in the country’s cultural regulations. The installing of weed vending machines is a chance to resolve some of these problems and additionally provide the government with a significant revenue. Another question is who will be able to purchase weed from these machines? The CLA Chairman has assured that both medical marijuana users with a special card and recreational users will be able to buy weed from such kiosks. Primarily, they are for people who have a prescription, but even those who do not can “self-declare” and get two ounces of marijuana. Will it become a reality? Only time will tell.

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