Weed Industry Regulation Helps Solve California Environmental Problems

Weed Industry Regulation Helps Solve California Environmental Problems

On September 9, the state’s billion-dollar industry finally got the legislation to regulate its operations. That includes regulation of the issue of the impact that growing weed has on the environment. One of the questions that attract a lot of attention is about water use during droughts.

The three bills (Assembly Bill 243, Assembly Bill 266, and State Bill 643) regulate the cannabis industry. They are supposed to create a new way for responsible marijuana cultivation. They will help monitor the use of pesticides and the sources of water used for growing cannabis. The bills also require creating a system for mandatory tests for cannabis products in order to make ithem safer for the patients. And the last thing is especially important as some medical cannabis products are often prescribed to kids.

According to the bills, marijuana cultivators are going to follow the same rules as all the other farmers, they will have to comply with the existing environmental rules. This could also be a great chance to push the government to start a massive economy-stimulating water program in order to treat the environment more carefully and thoughtfully.


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