Weed in The Bible

Weed in The Bible

The process of marijuana legalization has raised rather interesting questions about the relation of religion and cannabis. One of those questions deals with the presence of weed and its probable use in the Bible. We have asked two qualified specialists about this. They are the former marijuana smuggler Brian O’Dea and the Professor of Old Testament Mark Boda. If you have ever read the Bible, you can remember the concept of the Holy Anointing Oil that was frequently mentioned. The Hebrew word “Kaneh Bosm” also refers to weed according to some sources. The men were asked whether they believed that the modern-day weed had any correlation with the weed mentioned in the Old Testament.

As to Brian O’Dea, he is sure that the health benefits of cannabis were discovered long ago because the ancient doctors viewed plants as medicine with magic healing properties, just as we do today. So, it makes us believe that in Biblical times, all parts of the cannabis plant were used either for fiber, medicine, food, or even intoxication. Brian is not the only one who thinks that the ancients were much like us, but without the technology, which helps satisfy the same curiosity that existed two thousand years ago, but faster. As a ground for his words, Brian points to the 2014 discovery in the grave made in the Gobi Desert: the archeologists found almost two pounds of incredibly preserved still-green weed buried with the dead more than 2,700 years ago. The test showed that marijuana was highly potent and possessed psychoactive properties. Well, apparently ancients were getting high just as we are today.

During the interview with Mark Boda, we heard a different point of view. Exodus 30:23-24 provides the list of ingredients for making the holy oil, which our ancestors used as an ointment for the tabernacle, furniture, and utensils. Of course, the oil was available only in the sacred precincts. It was used during the rituals together with spices and perfumes.  However, without evidence, we cannot know for sure what those spices were and whether weed was one of them. Unfortunately, the Bible is full of ambiguity and mystery, and sometimes there is just no way to know for sure. This is exactly where the human imagination kicks in and invents its own truth. But who knows, maybe there are some weed books that still are hidden among the relics of the past somewhere.

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