Weed Dabs: Another Popular Way to Smoke Pot

Weed Dabs: Another Popular Way to Smoke Pot

If you have consumed marijuana recreationally, medically, or simply because of your innate curiosity (for experimental purposes, in order to appease the desire to experience everything), then we can naturally conclude that you know about dabbing wax. This method of consuming pot is quite new; it appeared only nearly two decades ago, but its popularity is exponentially growing day by day. The dab phenomenon was actually invented in the western United States and now seems to expand towards the eastern United States. Therefore, it is quite possible that dabbing will soon become one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana in the country.

The days of doing things in conventional ways are totally and irretrievably gone. Many people are involved in the search for new emotions and new experiences. All the old ways to smoke pot are forgotten and left behind—now all the smokers are obsessed with the matter of how to smoke wax. Weed enthusiasts will confirm this fact by appealing to their new passion called “dabbing.” If you ever wondered what a common portion of dab looks like, you should know that it is a sticky substance, similar to a melted caramel candy.

This form of marijuana is very concentrated and is made by extracting active cannabinoids from the plant with an effective solvent, such as carbon dioxide or a type of gas called butane. The process results in getting pure weed oil that weed fans consume through a vaporizer.

Once you have decided to try weed dabs for sure, you have to think of the consequences thoroughly: the substance is very saturated, that is why it is better to show extreme caution when dealing with dosages. The interaction between our body and the most powerful, intense, and sharp compounds of weed are never predictable.

Moreover, if you use homemade dabs, where the main ingredient might accidentally be dirty oil, you risk consuming dangerous contaminants that will do permanent harm to your health. Overdose on cannabis is still thought unlikely to be lethal, but an uncomfortable high condition is guaranteed. And there is still a chance of passing out. Think wisely and estimate all potential risks in comparison to its foggy benefits.

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