Weed Adventures of David Bowie and Iggy Pop in 1976

Weed Adventures of David Bowie and Iggy Pop in 1976

The winter of 2016 became a tragic season for all music lovers around the world. The cruel cancer took away such genius musicians as Lemmy Kilmister, Alan Rickman and, of course, David Bowie. This majestic show-biz alien had been fighting the disease for 18 months. A few days before his death, Bowie presented his last album Black Star. The famous friends of David encourage fans to recollect as many bright stories about Mr. Stardust as possible. Young Iggy Pop and David Bowie created such a legendary story for the offsprings in the rebellious 1976.

In the 1970s, nobody was surprised by celebrities that took a part in marijuana scandals. Especially, when it was startling and eccentric David Bowie. On March 21, the singer performed at the Community War Memorial Arena in Rochester. After that brilliant concert, he decided to relax a bit with his friends in a hotel room. Bowie’s best friend, the Stooges’ frontman Iggy Pop, also joined that company. When the party was in full swing, a group of policemen came to the hotel and arrested David, Iggy, and their friends on cannabis charges. Obviously, rock stars had to wake up not in their luxurious queen beds the next morning.

Police found about half a pound of cannabis in the hotel room. Such crime could lead to 15 years in jail. It is difficult to imagine that Bowie and Pop could spend the greatest time in their careers in prison. Hopefully, famous artists were not punished that way thanks to the selfless efforts of Bowie’s lawyers. The legendary elegant Bowie’s mugshot is the only reminder of that prison threat.

This was one of the funniest celebrity weed stories ever, as Bowie filled the boring hearing in Rochester City Court with an amazing entourage. A giant crowd of policemen, paparazzi, and David’s fans surrounded the building from all sides. They welcomed Mr. Stardust with loud applause. Bowie ignored all that noise, but later he admitted that the fans’ support really raised his spirit before the important hearing. The funniest thing was that the most sincere greetings came from the six suspected prostitutes. The shady ladies were also waiting for hearings of their cases that day.

David Bowie never organized performances in Rochester after that scandal. But later he told the journalists that the policemen of Rochester were the most gentle and polite guardians of law in the whole America.

And by the way, that tough situation did not prevent Iggy and «Ziggy» from smoking weed and being the best friends ever.

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