Water Bottle Bong

Water Bottle Bong

If you smoke weed and like getting high, then you have a reason to make a bong. If you want to save your money and not waste it on expensive smoking devices, then start thinking about how to make a water bottle bong. Using a few materials that you can find at home, you can make a great disposable ciga bong. But remember that smoking marijuana is still illegal in some states, so if you are not a medical marijuana patient, then we do not recommend you to break the law.

How to make homemade water bottle bong

Step 1. Find a water bottle that is perfectly suited for making a water bottle bong. It should be of a small size. The perfect choice for a bottle bong is a 16-ounce bottle. If you take a 2-liter bottle, you will have problems with handling and lighting it.

Step 2. Time to prepare the bottle. Once you have found a proper bottle, make sure it is absolutely dry and does not contain any remains. Avoid soda bottles as their bottoms are usually sticky. Wash your bottle several times before using it. The best option is a water bottle as it takes no efforts to empty it out.

Step 3. Find aluminum foil. You need a piece of it to make the ciga bong. Fold aluminum foil over once in order to make it strong enough. Then, cut it into a 2.5×2.5-inch square. This is the right size to fill the bottle’s top.

Step 4. Time to apply the foil to the water bottle. Place the foil square right on top of the bottle. Then, very carefully, in order not to tear the foil, push it down into the bottle. Now use your thumb to make a bowl where you will place your weed. Be gentle! When finished, make sure that your foil bowl is deep enough so that marijuana will not spill out. Wrap the aluminum foil around the bottle’s opening sides. This will help the foil stay in place.

Step 5. Poke tiny holes in the bowl using a pin. This will make it possible to light up your weed.

Step 6. Use the sharpest scissors to make the hole in one of the sides of the bottle.

Step 7. Now the bong is ready for use. Light the marijuana and enjoy inhaling your favorite strain.

Now when you friends ask you how to make a bong out of a water bottle, you can share your experience as now you are a homemade bong pro!

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